After having some time to digest the movies of 2015 and having been able to catch up on some movies I may have missed, these are, without question, the definitively best films of 2015 (if you have the exact same opinion as me).

  1. Ex Machina 

Image of Ex Machina

No change here. Alex Garland created a masterpiece. The best science fiction movie since Bladerunner. This movie is beautiful, winning a well deserved best Visual Effects Oscar and should have won a second for Vikander (a superior performance to the one in The Danish Girl*). It’s bleak, creepy, and an unbelievably strong think piece. Alex Garland had already written movies that I love and anticipate, now I can’t wait to see what he’ll  do next as a director (2017’s Annihilation, I’m looking at you).

*Full disclosure, I didn’t see The Danish Girl, but I did see Tracy Morgan’s rendition at the Oscars. I feel I got the grasp of it. Girls, Danishes, it makes sense.


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2. Sicario

Image of Sicario

A movie that stays with you. Sicario gave me a feeling of, “Well, I guess we can’t do anything about drugs.” Benicio Del Toro crushes it in this movie as a character that’s, equal parts, badass, likeable, honorable, untrustworthy, and downright terrifying. One of the year’s best performances, by far, and probably my favourite performance of his throughout his career. Although the henchman from License to Kill runs a close second (see below). The cinematography from (speaking of James Bond films) Roger Deakins is beautifully somber and captures a very unsettling mood. Denis Villenueve is quickly becoming one of my favourite directors. I had thought Prisoners was great and maybe a tad bit underrated, but I don’t think there’s any denying his prowess after this and his already buzzed about 2016 movie “Arrival.” Also, Taylor Sheridan can write the shit out of a movie, he’s absolutely killing it between this and what is, close to, my top pick of 2016, Hell or High Water.

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Coming soon… part 2.

I probably should have done this list in reverse order, so as to build anticipation… oh well.