These are, probably, my favorite guitar solos ever put to tape. I’m excluding putting Prince’s rendition of While My Guitar Gently Weeps on here,  as it just seems too obvious a number 1. It’s clearly the best ever.

  1. U2- Love is Blindness

The Edge accomplishes the greatest guitar tone I’ve ever heard in this solo.I’ve been trying to steal it for years. I’ve long said that the solo in New Year’s Day is my favorite guitar solo, and it probably is because of it’s simplicity. The Edge didn’t play many notes but he played the right ones. I figured, though, if I was going to put a The Edge solo on the list, it had to be this one, as it is a proper guitar solo, one that knows it’s a guitar solo.

2. Fleetwood Mac- I’m So Afraid

Lindsay Buckingham has been my favorite guitarist since I first watched the live concert reunion show, The Dance, on MTV in 1997. I think his best guitar piece is on the song Big Love, but again, the solo in I’m So Afraid is a legitimate guitar solo. It’s a beastly, aggressive, brooding solo that is full of raw emotion.

3. Wilco- Impossible Germany

From the album Sky Blue Sky, a Wilco album that took me a long time to sink into, years even, but when I did it became, what I dare say, is my favorite Wilco record. This was the first album recorded with Nels Cline on lead guitar and his Jazzmaster was a welcome addition to an already great band. The way this solo builds and intertwines with Jeff Tweedy’s lead line is a wonder of the natural world. Tremolo for all.

4. Pink Floyd- Echoes

So it might be cheating, as this song is almost entirely a guitar solo for duration of the song’s  24 minute run time…well, about twelve if you take out the acid trip in the middle, but it weaves and shifts tone and never loses it’s impact. The obvious precursor to the work they’d eventually do for Dark Side of the Moon, but I’d argue it never got as good as this song.

5. The Stone Roses- I Am the Resurrection

John Squire channels all the acid in Madchester for an epic Brit-pop/Psychedelic masterpiece of a solo.




Ah… what the heck, here it is.