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3. Steve Jobs

Image of Steve Jobs

I feel like people still think I’m talking about the Ashton Kutcher dumpster fire, “Jobs.” I’m not, that one is garbage, this one is tremendous. How is that one the one that comes to mind for people? It starred Ashton Kutcher, he’s not good. This one stars Michael Fassbender and he’s nothing but good. He’s going to be in an Assassin’s Creed movie, which I’m sure will be terrible, but he’ll be great in it. This one is written by Aaron Sorkin. Aaron Sorkin writes good (a sentence Aaron Sorkin would never write). Danny Boyle directed this. Danny Boyle is brilliant and probably my favorite filmmaker in the world. Why aren’t people seeing this? Kate Winslet is brilliant in this movie and even Seth Rogen is pretty strong. JEFF DANIELS! Come on folks, see this movie. It may not be accurate, but it’s a great movie and that’s all I care about.


4. Mad Max: Fury Road

Image of Mad Max: Fury Road

Come on, how could anybody not like this movie. I could understand people not liking my top 3, they have nuance, but this is nothing but pure adrenaline that tells a simple straight forward story, but does it better than any movie I’ve ever seen. George Miller directs his greatest film since Happy Feet 2 and really delivers on the promise of that film. This kid is going to make it, I think. I want a sequel immediately, please don’t make us wait another 30 years.