In this series of blogs I’ll be examining things I missed out on as I was was growing up. Don’t worry, it’s not meaningful things like food and shelter, my parents were pretty solid with keeping me alive. These are completely useless, almost completely pop culture oriented things. I had a pretty fortunate childhood, these are just things that were skipped, for whatever reason. Time to catch up and see if I really missed out on anything important.

Chapter 1- Castlevania for the NES

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I don’t really know how I had never really played this game. I played several sequels through the 8 and 16 bit era, but never got around to playing this one. I own a copy of Castlevania III and remember, fondly, playing Castlevania II quite a bit. The only time I can really remember playing this one was,maybe, on an arcade Play Choice 10 at a Bennigans (RIP Bennigans Monte Cristo). That is, until today.

I downloaded it on the Wii U for 5 bucks this morning and made my way to the top of Dracula’s castle. The difficulty of this game is, kind of, the stuff of video game legend. Judging by the concerned look of my wife’s face while watching me play as I slowly went insane, shouting at the TV screen when I was continuously dying against Frankenstein’s monster, it was evident, it didn’t disappoint in that area. I was able to complete the game, but that’s mainly because of the ease in which you can cheat while using the Virtual Console version of a game, because it allows you to save at any time. Still though, some parts were ridiculously frustrating, but not because it’s unfair, it’s just NES tough, and that, I can handle.

You often hear of the thorn in the side that is the Medusa head in this game, but I’ll raise you these little jerks.

Igor is a jerk.

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Not that Igor.

Was it worth filling in a piece of my missing childhood? Absolutely.It’s really solid and challenging game that’s an integral part of video game history that spawned a ton of sequels and copycats.

Importance to my adulthood meter-4 out of 5

On another note, what part of vampire lore has Dracula turning into an Abominable Snow Man?

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Also,bonus points for the names homage featured in the credits

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