Ooh… we’re halfway there

5. Room

Image of Room

Holy bejesus does this movie pull on your heart strings. I’m a man of little emotion, except when I’m just the right level of gin drunk, or while watching Lethal Weapon 3, but neither gin nor Murtaugh were completely necessary to get that near cry going while watching this movie.

Brie Larson has been an absolute favorite of mine ever since her run as Envy Adams in Scott Pilgrim vs the World and I’ve followed her ever since. I thought she was great in The Spectacular Now and then had a breakout performance in Short Term 12, which maybe she should have been nominated for as well. Though, her Oscar win for this was well earned.

The movie took some turns I didn’t expect. I didn’t know where they could possibly take the story after they left their titular dwelling, but the second half of the movie is just as compelling as the first. The main characters face problems when dealing with the emotional trauma caused by being locked up for several years, as well as the stresses from media coverage. But I think the most compelling bit deals with them adjusting back to normal life and then figuring out a way through the, now, distant and strained relationship with their family, played superbly by William H Macy and Joan Allen.


I can’t wait to see what the director, Lenny Abrahamson, is going to do next. I’ve seen two of his movies, this and the 2014 film “Frank” and they’re both great but couldn’t be more different.

Oh yeah, the kid, Jacob Tremblay, is also great. He’s a kid who actually acts like a kid.


6. Creed

Image of Creed

Another young filmmaker knocking it out of the park (ring?), this time, with a preexisting franchise. He not only made a sequel that is a worthy successor to any of the good Rocky movies, but reinvented the franchise at the same time. We’ve seen everything in this movie done before, but Coogler keeps it fresh. You want to see Rocky train a young buck? Good news, you no longer have to watch Rocky V, just skip ahead to this one. Although if you do, you do miss out on this Don King fella.

Anyway, If you love Rocky movies and remember how legitimately great the first one is. See Creed.