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Albums that I Like: 2017 Edition Part 2

Mogwai- Every Country's Sun Album no. 2 was a tricky one. Why is the word "number" abbreviated as "no." there is certainly no "o" in the word number. Where did they draw this magical "o" from? Furthermore, who are they?... Continue Reading →


Kyle’s List of Movies He’s Seen this Year and How He Would Rank Them: 2017 Edition

These are movies I saw that came out in 2017. There are still plenty I need to see, but of those seen, I would rank them in this order. Please don't think The Mummy is the 35th best movie of... Continue Reading →

Albums that I like: 2017 Edition Part 1

Admittedly, I don’t buy new records like I used to, so in actuality this is a list of records I bought or, let’s be honest, streamed on Apple Music, that I really enjoyed.  If I were an actual journalist or... Continue Reading →

365 Days/365 Albums

James Taylor-Gorilla He's got arms like legs, he's got hands on his feet. He's got a nose like a doughnut, got a tendency to overeat. I'm pretty sure I borrowed this CD from my Dad and never returned it, because... Continue Reading →

365 Albums/365 Days Blog

Travis- Good Feeling If this was any other day I'd turn and walk the other way But today I'll stay Not walk away In honor of a new Travis record, I'vedecided to review all of their albums up to this... Continue Reading →

Somewhat Creative #3 Matt Pryor

Because the world is a crazy place, my podcast, which had two episodes in which I'm just interviewing and playing music with my friends, got a chance to have one of my favorite musicians on it. Matt Pryor from The... Continue Reading →

Somewhat Creative Podcast #2 Henry Levine

Episode 2 of the Somewhat Creative Podcast with my good friend and drummer extraordinaire, Henry Levine. Henry currently plays drums for the band I also play in, The Doc Ellis Orchestra, and is full of great stories from playing with... Continue Reading →

Way Early 2017 Oscar Predictions

Nobody I know cares about the Oscars, other than myself. I feel like when I bring up these movies to friends, I commonly get a reaction of "I've never heard of that." Which is fine, I admit I waste a... Continue Reading →

Movies I Really Liked 2016 Edition part 4

2. Hunt For the Wilderpeople It's a story about survival, death, an international manhunt, and a mistaken child abduction and molestation charge in what is the funniest and most heartwarming movie of the year. Hmm... that's sounds weird when you... Continue Reading →

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