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365 Days/365 Albums

James Taylor-Gorilla He's got arms like legs, he's got hands on his feet. He's got a nose like a doughnut, got a tendency to overeat. I'm pretty sure I borrowed this CD from my Dad and never returned it, because... Continue Reading →


365 Albums/365 Days Blog

Travis- Good Feeling If this was any other day I'd turn and walk the other way But today I'll stay Not walk away In honor of a new Travis record, I'vedecided to review all of their albums up to this... Continue Reading →

Somewhat Creative #3 Matt Pryor

Because the world is a crazy place, my podcast, which had two episodes in which I'm just interviewing and playing music with my friends, got a chance to have one of my favorite musicians on it. Matt Pryor from The... Continue Reading →

Somewhat Creative Podcast #2 Henry Levine

Episode 2 of the Somewhat Creative Podcast with my good friend and drummer extraordinaire, Henry Levine. Henry currently plays drums for the band I also play in, The Doc Ellis Orchestra, and is full of great stories from playing with... Continue Reading →

Way Early 2017 Oscar Predictions

Nobody I know cares about the Oscars, other than myself. I feel like when I bring up these movies to friends, I commonly get a reaction of "I've never heard of that." Which is fine, I admit I waste a... Continue Reading →

Movies I Really Liked 2016 Edition part 4

2. Hunt For the Wilderpeople It's a story about survival, death, an international manhunt, and a mistaken child abduction and molestation charge in what is the funniest and most heartwarming movie of the year. Hmm... that's sounds weird when you... Continue Reading →

Somewhat Creative Podcast #1

I did a podcast. I hate my voice, but I did a podcast. Luckily, also on this podcast we play music. My first guest is my good friend and ambient music enthusiast Andrew Chapman. We talk about music and then... Continue Reading →

Movies I Really Liked 2016 Edition part 3

3.Hell or High Water I was in full support of this movie the moment I heard that Taylor Sheridan had written it. He had previously written Sicario, which the more I think about it, the higher it climbs on my... Continue Reading →

Movies I Really Liked 2016 Edition part 2

4. Rogue One Not unlike most American men of a certain age, I'm a colossal fan of Star Wars. I can't remember a time in my life when I hadn't seen the original trilogy, and not just seen but had... Continue Reading →

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