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Kyle Watches his DVDs РThe Avengers 

2012 was the culmination of 4 years of Marvel, shared universe filmmaking. The team up film, the likes of which had never been seen before. Other studios have been rushing to catch up to this revolutionary idea. It was a... Continue Reading →

Somewhat Creative #3 Matt Pryor

Because the world is a crazy place, my podcast, which had two episodes in which I'm just interviewing and playing music with my friends, got a chance to have one of my favorite musicians on it. Matt Pryor from The... Continue Reading →

Somewhat Creative Podcast #2 Henry Levine

Episode 2 of the Somewhat Creative Podcast with my good friend and drummer extraordinaire, Henry Levine. Henry currently plays drums for the band I also play in, The Doc Ellis Orchestra, and is full of great stories from playing with... Continue Reading →

Way Early 2017 Oscar Predictions

Nobody I know cares about the Oscars, other than myself. I feel like when I bring up these movies to friends, I commonly get a reaction of "I've never heard of that." Which is fine, I admit I waste a... Continue Reading →

Movies I Really Liked 2016 Edition part 4

2. Hunt For the Wilderpeople It's a story about survival, death, an international manhunt, and a mistaken child abduction and molestation charge in what is the funniest and most heartwarming movie of the year. Hmm... that's sounds weird when you... Continue Reading →

Somewhat Creative Podcast #1

I did a podcast. I hate my voice, but I did a podcast. Luckily, also on this podcast we play music. My first guest is my good friend and ambient music enthusiast Andrew Chapman. We talk about music and then... Continue Reading →

Movies I Really Liked 2016 Edition part 3

3.Hell or High Water I was in full support of this movie the moment I heard that Taylor Sheridan had written it. He had previously written Sicario, which the more I think about it, the higher it climbs on my... Continue Reading →

Movies I Really Liked 2016 Edition part 2

4. Rogue One Not unlike most American men of a certain age, I'm a colossal fan of Star Wars. I can't remember a time in my life when I hadn't seen the original trilogy, and not just seen but had... Continue Reading →


On old track I recorded, dug up from the depths of my hard drive.

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